Saturday, July 13, 2013

Urban Homesteading: The Homegrown Revolution

As food prices continue to rise and real organic food not only hard to find but even more expensive than GMOs, urban homesteading and city gardening is becoming one of the only ways you can ensure you're not ingesting Monsanto's products. New techniques such as aquaponics and vertical gardening are making the dream or growing your own food in the middle of the city a reality. Even people without room in their own homes can join groups that do "urban sharecropping", a type of food co-op where you share land with people.

Some people, like Jules Dervaes of Los Angeles shown in the video below, are even able to produce an excess off organic food to sell and make a living from. There is a food revolution currently shaping up in the US and around the world thanks to the new ideas being brought to the forefront by pioneers like Jules and Will Allen of Growing Power . Combining these new ideas together with community gardening can change the way food is thought of and distributed. These are perfect ways to combat Monsanto, the food establishment, GMOs, and the epidemic of poor health in urban areas all at the same time. This is the food revolution.

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Urban aquaponic gardening with Will Allen of Growing Power

Source: Natural Cures Not Medicine


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