Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Farmers using more pesticides as pests become immune to GMOs

As plant and agriculture biotechnology is advancing, so too are the pests which these technologies are aimed at preventing. In a natural cycle of evolution, present on all life forms, life must overcome adversity by evolving to it's environment and conditions. This phenomena is now becoming present in modern agricultural pests as we see common insects that feed on plants adapt to the use of genetic and conventional pesticides.

This phenomena is partly why the industrial farming industry has been forced to use more chemical pesticides like Monsanto's Roundup now that pests like the rootworm are becoming immune to the GMO seed's internally produced pesticides.

GMO seeds are already under the fire after the recent March Against Monsanto protests, the revelation that GM wheat has contaminated the world wheat supply, the seemingly retaliatory destruction of GMO crops in Oregon, and the recent independent studies showing the dangerous effects of pesticide producing GMOs and spray on pesticides. The latest revelations regarding the growth of pests that are immune to GMOs are likely to only add more fuel to the anti-GMO fire which is already blazing.

One of the very negative side effects of these revelations are that farmers will be forced to not only use the GMO seeds, but will also have to douse the crops with extra pesticides which are shown to cause many negative health and environmental effects. Just a few weeks ago 50,000 bees died in Oregon from pesticide exposure

There are more natural ways to deal with pests, even simply rotating crops will help manage pests, not to mention the many natural and organic pest management techniques. The rising tide of public awareness of the issues surrounding GMOs, Monsanto, and chemical pesticides is forcing a change of tone from corporate world; who are now trying to shift marketing plans and products to a more health oriented plan. It's better late than never, but the alternative food and health industry and movement is already years ahead of them and making huge advances in market share. Support local, independent, and alternative and the rest will be forced to change.

Source: Natural Cures Not Medicine

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