Monday, June 3, 2013

‘This Is Only The Beginning’

NOTE: We have published a road map for success for marchers and organizers to carry on the March Against Monsanto passed the 25th. Please read How The March Against Monsanto Can (and will) Change The World and listen to the radio show that corresponds with the article here:

After the incredible success of the grass-roots  “March Against Monsanto” last Saturday, which saw over 2 million protesters in more than 50 countries worldwide, the march founders now plan to keep the momentum going by organizing more events to continue to educate the public on Monsanto and genetically modified foods.
After the creation of the “March Against Monsanto” Facebook page last February, the movement quickly gained steam due to the tireless work of dedicated activists as well as the anger from citizens over the recent passage of what has been deemed the “Monsanto Protection Act,” a provision attached to a spending bill that would allow seeds deemed unsafe to be planted anyway, trumping any court rulings.
“I started the march for my daughters,” said Canal, mother of two. “I am moved beyond words over the success of the event. It is truly inspiring to see such an amazing outpouring of activism by such an array of people. We truly became citizens of the world and the issues that normally divide us, politics, religion, etc., were cast aside and we united over a tremendous issue that affects us all.”
As more independent research surfaces showing genetically modified foods to be dangerous environmentally as well as physically, the massive outcry from the public continues to grow. Monsanto, in response to the recent increase of opposition in social media, commented by saying that those opposed to them are “reverse elitists.” The march’s founders now say this is only the beginning and supporters seem more than ready to continue the fight.
“We are going to get involved heavily with the October 12 World Food Day,” said Nick Bernabe, March Against Monsanto’s Social Media Director.
While the details of the October event are still being worked out, the march organizers are helping promote the July 4 Moms Across America March, an event where citizens plan to march in local Independence Day parades nation-wide to show their support for GMO labeling.
Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says no more than 90 days of testing is needed to ensure GMOs safety for human consumption, independent studies of several years continue to make links to major health issues. The FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Foods, Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto lawyer and Monsanto Vice President for Public Policy, the biggest producer of GMOs worldwide, continues to refute the studies.
Even with genetically modified soy beans being linked to sterility and infant mortality in hamsters, genetically modified corn producing massive tumors after 2 years of consumption in rats, as well as Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup being linked to Parkinson’s, cancer and other health issues, the federal government, coincidentally filled with former Monsanto employees, seems unwilling to support labeling. Even with over 80 percent of the US food supply containing genetically modified ingredients, the U.S. Senates recently rejected a bill that would have allowed states to label such foods.
A recent ABC News poll found that 93 percent of American citizens support GMO labeling, which is likely now higher due to the outcry from citizens over the recent passage of what has been deemed the “Monsanto Protection Act.” People across the planet have becoming increasingly vocal, as seen with the “March Against Monsanto” protest, that saw over 2 million participants worldwide, coupled with the growing push to boycott Monsanto all together.
As U.S. citizens continue to fight for labeling, with some victories recently seen in Connecticut, countries around the world have resorted to burning fields of GMO crops and even different variations of bans in places such as Japan and Europe.
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