Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Have you ever wished there was a way to inform those in your lives, the friends, family members, neighbors that believe in mainstream, the ones shrouded in cognitive dissonance, of the horrors of Monsanto and their assault on humanity?? T...his could be it. We have been approached by an independent film maker whose life ambition is to awaken the world. He feels the best way to do this is to enertain the masses, but do it in a way that educates as well. I give you Santo 07.13.15, a futuristic sci-fi thriller loosely based on a company we all know and loathe.
Monsanto has apparently tried to bully the film makers and impede the production of this movie.
Rather than cave to this powerful company or sell out to the big studios and high power executives, this film maker has decided to make a movie for the people, by the help of the people. We believe in this so much we have offered to help promote his Kickstarter campaign. If you would like to contribute to a movie that will change the world perspective of GMO and the tampering of our food supply, please check out the link below. Thank you!!


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