Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dr. Oz Discusses GMO's On Upcoming Show

Update February 14, 2014 - Click Here To View The Full Segment 
On his show Thursday, February 13, Oz will explain what a GMO is, why GMOs increase the amount of pesticide on your food and the tricks to avoiding GMOs in your family’s food.
He will be joined by expert Scott Farber of the Environmental Working Group, a consumer watchdog organization.
Together they will reveal:
  • The percentage of foods in your supermarket made with GMOs
  • Why GMOs have led to increased use of pesticides – nearly one hundred million pounds of pesticides a year!
  • The food industry’s fight to stop GMO food labels
  • Why the food industry says labeling GMO foods will increase the cost of food
  • Scott’s tips to avoid GMO foods in the grocery store
  • Why paying attention to the PLU sticker on your produce may offer GMO clues

Founder of AltHealthWORKS, Nick Meyer states: "Dr. Oz has been known to "flip flop" at times on issues like whether organic is worth the money and vaccine safety, but overall he has brought some important issues to the mainstream"



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