Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Salt Lake City UT Ground Zero For TPP Outcry

by Tami Canal

"The people of this country must wake up and rise up", Rocky Anderson said to scores of activists who have descended on The Grand American Hotel in Salt Lake City today. Activists representing groups including Backbone Campaign, Peaceful Uprising, Tar Sands Resistance and others traveled from as far as Washington D.C. to voice their disapproval at the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) conferences this week in Utah.

Braving the cold and rain, those against the TPP and its assault on democracy were captivated by such speakers as Anderson and Bill Moyer. Cheers rang out through the crowd as Rocky Anderson passionately stated, "We don't simply oppose the TPP, we will NOT ALLOW the secrecy...We will NOT ALLOW the oppression."

Negotiators came and went from the hotel while the demonstration was occurring, though dodged any questions that were asked of them. A few seemed entertained by the display and were seen photographing the protestors. And while this was a peaceful demonstration, hotel security and the Salt Lake Police Department were there in force as though a riot might break out.

Actions are set to take place all week as awareness is spread about the TPP and the lack of transparency shrouding it. The TPP is a threat to many liberties including national sovereignty, access to medicine, internet security/privacy, and GMO labeling.  It is quite amazing that a treaty like the TPP can still be promoted as a "free trade" agreement when its most economically important provisions are the exact opposite of "free trade" – the expansion of protectionism.

Please visit SLCstopTPP.us for updates on the actions that will take place this week.

To learn more about the TPP, please visit exposetheTPP.org

SLC TPP event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/469885649795652/


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